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Zimbabwe has a rich and diverse minerals resource base that could be (and should be) an important contributor to sustainable growth and development.

In this sixth edition of the Economic Barometer, like its predecessors, we sought to give you our valued readers, a review and insights on the major economic developments that took place in the preceding quarter.

This study has been supported with funding and technical assistance to ZEPARU from the USAID Strategic Economic Research and Analysis

Zimbabwe has witnessed several policy interventions by the government, aimed at dealing with various challenges.

The global economic performance remained fragile during the second quarter of 2012, especially at the backdrop of the developments in the Euro-Zone.

The study investigates the role of electricity supply in enhancing economic growth in Zimbabwe through different sectors of the economy.

The focus of this paper is on promoting inclusive financial development, where the informal sector, the marginalised and the unbanked sector would be incorporated into the financial sector in order to increase savings base.

This paper analyzes how the investment climate in Zimbabwe can be improved to meaningfully attract foreign direct investment.

This research focuses on the role of the SME sector in Zimbabwe’s economic development.

The study explores the opportunities for enhancing sustainable economic growth and development in Zimbabwe, through the use of digital innovations.

The paper investigates the preconditions that ought to be satisfied before adopting a single currency in SADC and COMESA regions. A review of the theory of the OCA and a selected review of empirical literature was done. The paper reveals that the divergence in economic conditions for both SADC and COMESA do not favour a single currency

Among the sectors that have been identified and are mostly cited in Zimbabwe as growth drivers are agriculture and mining.