ZEPARU Bursary Programme

The Masters and PhD Bursary Programme is meant to assist economists working in key economic ministries to pursue their post graduate studies in the field of economics.

The first phase of the Bursary commenced in 2005 – 2009 and was funded by the Africa Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). In this phase 23 economists benefited from the programme, with 21 pursuing  Masters of Economics Degrees at University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and 2 pursuing PhD in Economics at the University of Capetown in South Africa.

The second phase commenced in 2011-2015 and was funded by USAID Strategic Economic Research and Analysis Program. In this phase, USAID SERA funded 34 Masters in Economics Bursary scholars and 4 PhD scholars to pursue their part-time postgraduate studies at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), and  South African universities respectively.

Tawanda Shenge, ZEPARU Bursary Beneficiary graduating at University of Zimbabwe