Trainings and Conferences

Trainings and Conferences

As part of its mission ZEPARU seeks to enhance capacity building and utilization in the public sector through tailor- made in-country training courses, providing funding to government economists to attend regional and international training courses and funding of Economics postgraduate fellowships.

In-Country Training Courses.

In-country training activities are designed in line with emerging training needs requested by government economic ministries.The training courses are meant to build economic competence  and capacity in economic and policy analysis of beneficiary institutions. Most of the in-country training courses are run by ZEPARU in collaboration with other training institutions or external expert facilitators. For the in-country training courses that have been conducted by ZEPARU click here

Regional Training Courses

ZEPARU also organises regional courses for economists from selected Government Ministries. For the Regional Training Courses organised by ZEPARU, click here

ZEPARU Seminar Series

ZEPARU also organises economic symposiums, conferences, workshops and seminars to promote a platform for economic debate, policy dialogue and discussion forums.


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Training Co-ordinator

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