Products and Services

ZEPARU offers the following products and services:

  •  Composite Leading Indicators (CLI) Index
    A composite leading indicators  (CLI) index is a ZEPARU product, constructed to track economic developments and signal turning points in economic activity. This can help policy makers take pre-emptive measures against impending economic developments. The variables that make up the CLI index are the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) industrial index; Broad money supply (M3), Imports of intermediate goods; Precious metal (gold and platinum) prices; Pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) receipts;  Volume of manufacturing index (VMI) Interest rates and inflation levels. The CLI index is featured in the ZEPARU Economic Barometer, our flagship publication.
  • Research, Consultancy, Economic Reviews and Advisory Work
    ZEPARU  carries out both commissioned research (demand driven) and proactive research (supply driven), with emphasis on demand-driven analytical work.  ZEPARU produces first rate and well articulated applied economic policy research and analysis to inform the government and the investing public. To view ZEPARU’s research focus areas, CLICK HERE
  • Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Economic Dialogues
    ZEPARU also organises economic symposiums, conferences, workshops and seminars to promote a platform for economic debate, policy dialogue and discussion forums.
  • Capacity Building/Training
    We seeks to enhance capacity building and utilization in both the public and private sector through tailor-made in-country  and regional training courses, providing funding to government economists to attend regional and international training courses and funding of economics postgraduate fellowships.

  • Workshop Facilitation and Rapporteuring Services
    We also offer professional rapporteuring and workshop facilitation services for symposia, conferences, workshops, high level seminars.
  • Strategic Planning
    We also help our stakeholders to set their strategic goals, improve operational efficiency and performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our strategic planning methods leverage input from key decision makers within the organization, the employees, and their clients so as develop a strategic plan.

  • Market Surveys, Data Collection and Analysis
    We also provide expertise in customised market surveys, data collection and analysis services based on the clients needs.
  • Project Management Services
    We help our clients and stakeholders to plan and manage both projects and programs, and to deliver them in a cost effective way.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Services
    ZEPARU has kept abreast with the research demands and expectations of the public and private sectors by embracing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) skills and expertise onto the institution’s products catalogue. Following the increase in interventions by the Government, the donor community and the private to improve the material, social and political circumstances of Zimbabweans, it has become imperative and widespread to keep an eye on the effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions through systematic and detailed M&E studies. The growing importance of M&E has, therefore, called for skills and expertise to build within institutions M&E capacities and capabilities.