Vision, Mission and Objectives


To become the leading centre of excellence in economic policy research and analysis in Zimbabwe.


To undertake customer-driven research and capacity building activities to promote a culture of evidence-based policy-making and implementation processes in Zimbabwe.


  • To build research capacity for economic policy analysis and management.
  • To produce first-rate and well-articulated applied economic policy research and analysis to inform government policy decisions in accordance with priorities and targets set by the government and the private sector.
  • To diffuse high quality research and policy analysis relevant to current and medium-term economic policy issues in Zimbabwe
  • To build capacity within Government to utilize economic policy research and analysis on a sustainable basis
  • To assist the country to seize development opportunities and contributing to its emergence as a knowledge based economy
  • To provide tailor made short and long term training in Economic Policy Management to Government economists in ministries dealing with economic issues.
  • To network with other policy analysis and research institutions
  • To serve as a platform for collating best practices for national economic management, thus emerging as a gateway for sharing knowledge in applied economic policy research and analysis.