ACBF - Strengthening Capacity for Economic and Financial Governance (SCEFG) Project

Debt and Arrears Clearance Strategies

The Africa Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) under the Strengthening Capacity for Economic and Financial Governance (SCEFG) Project has provided funding to undertake research studies that aim to identify the policy issues that need to be adopted to enhance economic and financial governance for the country’s economic transformation.

The five (5) research studies, currently underway are namely; 

An Analysis of Labour Market Distortions in Zimbabwe 
The study seeks to understand the various forms of distortions that characterise the employment market, identifying the main causes of the distortions and to suggest viable policy response strategies that can be adopted to manage the distortions.


An Analysis of Financial Market Distortions in Zimbabwe 
This study aims to investigate the distortions in the financial market and explore the mechanisms that can be applied to reduce these distortions.

Revisiting the Debt and Arrears Clearance Strategies for Sustainable Debt Policies for Zimbabwe
The study focuses on debt sustainability strategies and arrears clearance and its implications on growth and development trajectory within the context of the new political dispensation. 

Assessment of the Country’s Trade Performance within the context SADC, COMESA, the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) and the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)
The study assesses the extent of liberalisation and commitments under the parallel liberalisation agenda: SADC, COMESA, TFTA, IEPA, CFTA and the implications of Zimbabwe’s trade policies, practices, on commitments within the SADC, COMESA, TFTA, IEPA and CTFTA and gaps

An Assessment of the Macroeconomic Policy Formulation and Implementation Processes in Zimbabwe
This study seeks to assess the macroeconomic policy formulation and implementation processes in Zimbabwe with the view of improving economic policy management within the country.

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