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Over the last decade, Zimbabwe’s Competitiveness in the soya been market has sharply declined. The country’s soya is currently not competitive domestically and regionally.

Zimbabwe’s drive to hyperinflation and the eventual adoption of a multi-currency system, henceforth referred to as a dollarization in February 2009, is well documented in literature.

This paper estimates trade misinvoicing in Zimbabwe from major trading partners using the Morgenstern (1963) methodology.

This Policy Brief summarises the key findings from a detailed study undertaken by ZEPARU in 2016 entitled,‘Reconfiguration of the Zimbabwe Geological Survey’.

The original purpose of Geological Surveys, namely to map the geology and mineral resources of nations, remains the primary role of most Geological Surveys today.

The Zimbabwe minerals sector tends to be knowledge-intensive and accordingly needs ‘priming’ through investment in human resource development and research & development. This study undertook an in-depth training needs assessment of all the key stakeholders and institutions, in the mineral sector with a view to understand the existing skill and knowledge gaps among key institutions and stakeholders.

This Policy Brief summarises the key findings from a detailed study undertaken by ZEPARU in 2015 entitled, ‘In-Depth Training Needs Assessment Survey in the Zimbabwe Mining Sector’.

Policy Brief Global Best-Practice in Establishing and Managing a Sovereign Wealth Fund in Zimbabwe.

This study was done for the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development with funding from Governance and Institutional Support Project (GISP) under African Development Bank (AfDB) Grant No. 5900155026366.

Since 2011, USAID’s Strategic Economic Research and Analysis (SERA) program has supported the Government of Zimbabwe in moving toward more inclusive growth built upon evidence-based policy analysis and research.

Arguably, Zimbabwe has a diverse and rich mineral resource base, which has not even been significantly explored.

This is the 20th edition of the ZEPARU Economic Barometer, which is a flagship quarterly publication of ZEPARU that
generally gives an overview of the status of the Zimbabwe economy at a given time.