Corporate Identity

The ZEPARU logo is an Eagle

As it scans the terrain perched discreetly and majestically, its keen calculating eye focuses and magnifies its target. It has incredible patience, its poise sturdy, unwavering in its pursuit. The goal has been set. Its revering presence never goes unnoticed, and as adrenalin courses through the powerful mechanism that is the true essence of potential and strength, it soars, swoops and conquers with amazing stamina and grace. Triumphant it stands ready for yet another challenge. This is the Eagle.

ZEPARU’s identity is symbolic of the above description. Having used the Eagle itself as the central icon, it connotes not the predator but represents the skilled, tactful achiever. The Eagle is famous for its amazing eyesight hence its attention to detail. It is also able to fly at great altitudes as its scouts for prey and comb through vast terrain singling out is target with astounding precision. The analogy of these characteristics can be identified with ZEPARU as we strive to focus and achieve our goals in the area of economic policy research and analysis. The flying Eagle depicts an organization which strives to cover as much ground as possible in order to come up with well-founded and robust results. The colour gold has been used to emphasize economic wealth whilst the blue represents authority and security of an established corporate organization.